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    Picture of Westland Bonsai Potting Mix 4L

    Westland Bonsai Potting Mix 4L

    Westland Bonsai Potting Mix is formulated for the correct balance of drainage and water retention as well as aeration. Which is all required to develop a healthy root system, and is essential for healthy bonsai growth. The mix also contains special water retaining granules from Seramis. These granules allow the plants absorb everything they require.

    For strong roots & healthy trees
    Specialist blend
    Open structured compost for healthy root growth
    Contains water-retaining Seramis
    Why Use

    Contains unique Seramis granules for optimum water and nutrient availability
    Added wood fibre creates an open structure for improved aeration, drainage and water management
    Tips for Better Results

    Keep plants out of draughts and away from intense heat. Spraying with water at room temperature twice a week and sponging the leaves occasionally to remove dust is also recommended
    Nip branches back when they begin to grow otherwise pruning cuts will show up in wood and will be noticeable.
    General Advice

    Store in a dry, frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals
    Reseal bag after use
    Not suitable for ericaceous (lime hating) plants
    Use in a well ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust
    Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands after use
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